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This is a game about competition, industry, capitalism, how little you can think for yourself, and most importantly selling out. 

Compete with a fellow Toy Maker that you used to call a friend, but they beat you that one round and they're now dead to you.

A client will briefly provide their toy design, whomever can match the toy as closely as possible within the time limit will win that round. As a best of 3, the Toy Maker who get to 2 points first wins. But who really wins? Capitalism, the answer is always capitalism.


(controllers recommended)


  • Left & Right On Analog Stick: Cycle through variations of toy part.
  • Up & Down on Analog Stick: Select different toy part.
  • A Button: Confirm Selection

Key Board:

  • Player 1:
    • Left and Right Arrow Keys: Cycle through variations of toy part.
    • Right Ctrl button: Confirm Selection
  • Player 2:
    • A and D Keys: Cycle through variations of toy part.
    • Left Ctrl button: Confirm Selection


Artists: Ja’ire Vaughn, Austin Hanson

Programmers: Tess Olson, Alex Frendt

Sound Designer: Richard Dorta

Composer: Dylan Harper

Designers: Daniel Dababneh, Jonathan Ortiz, Stephen Kellogg, Eric Lovelock, Tino Rusike , Nick Tummillo, Jake Reilly

Producer: Timothy Chatman


SelloutBuild.zip 28 MB
SelloutWeb.zip 13 MB

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